Cascade Edge (VFZ)

Combines a reverse ogee edge stacked on top of a straight drop modernizing the traditional edge. Shown in Summerhill™. Available depths: 6cm.





Bryn Edge (VF)

This profile, often called a Reverse Waterfall, is a traditional design with a twist. Shown in Ella™. Available depths: 4cm.





Boulder Edge (F+V)

This profile, often called Waterfall, is one of our most ornate. Shown in Galloway™. Available depths: 4cm.





Basin Edge (FS)

Our thinnest ogee profile. Also called a Saskatoon Ogee or Short Ogee. Available depths: 3cm.





Volcanic Edge (V)

Deeply rounded at the top and bottom of the edge, this profile is sometimes also called a Bullnose or Full Bullnose. Shown in Berwyn™. Available depths: 2cm, 3cm.





Treeline Edge (Z+S)

This angled edge is often called a Bevel. Shown in Berkeley™. Available depths: 2cm, 3cm.





Summit Edge (T)

Both the top and bottom edge are rounded. It’s sometimes called a ¼ Round Double. Shown in Daron™. Available depths: 2cm, 3cm.





Rimrock Edge (Mitered)

The mitered edge is an edge assembled from two pieces to give a countertop with less weight the appearance of a much heavier one. Available depths: 6mm, 1cm, 2cm, 3cm.





Ridgeline Edge (TR3)

This simple, yet bold profile has a 1/8 radius. Available depths: 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 6cm.





Piedmont Edge (A)

Softly rounded on the top edge. Additionally referred to as ½ Bullnose, Demi Bullnose, or a ¼ Round. Shown in Whitney™. Available depths: 2cm, 3cm.





Ledge Edge (MD)

Fading back at the bottom edge, this profile is sometimes named a Reverse Bevel or Plater. Available depths: 3cm.





Glacial Edge (FZ)

A classic ogee profile. Shown in Harlech™. Available depths: 3cm.





Double Treeline (A+R)

An angled cut to both the top and bottom edges, sometimes called a Double Bevel. Shown in Fairbourne™. Available depths: 2cm, 3cm.





Some edge profiles may not be offered in all markets. Check with your local retailer for available options.